In today's world of electronic information, technology plays a tremendous part in the successful delivery of Spectrum's services. As technology advances, we continue to refine and upgrade our own technological processes in order to provide our clients with the most up-to-date analytical tools available. With our SOX and Internal Controls offerings, our IT Audit Services department helps your information systems management to understand the existing control environment, identify high-risk areas and test to ensure that adequate controls are in place and effective. We also facilitate the understanding of how your IT functions integrate and operate with other departments.

For Recovery Audits or other special projects, a significant investment in computer technology enables Spectrum programmers, analysts and consultants to easily obtain your data from your systems, whether they reside in one location or several. We do not require that you perform any time consuming special programming or field mapping to prepare the data prior to sending it to us. Instead, we request a complete file "dump" or flat file delivery, saving you time and effort. We then convert the extracted data to a medium which allows us to best perform an analysis customized to your business needs.

We are experienced in working with data from the most-commonly used financial systems (i.e., Oracle, PeopleSoft, and SAP) as well as from most legacy systems. We can accommodate data delivered via most any medium, including FTP-delivered data directly to our servers.

Information about internal controls project status and profit recoveries can be managed electronically between Spectrum, your organization, and your suppliers if applicable. All communication can be customized to provide the information you need in the format of your choice.

To learn more about how our technology can assist you, please contact us.

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