Because they strengthen a company's ability to safeguard assets and mitigate risk, strong internal controls and self-assessment testing have long been hallmarks of good business practice. With the advent of Sarbanes-Oxley, however, such processes are not simply desired ... they're demanded.

Spectrum's consulting professionals work closely with each discipline within your company to ensure your business is operating efficiently and cost-effectively. We also work with you proactively to confirm compliance with the various titles and sections SOX requires.

We are committed to customer service and dedicated to delivering a successful and efficient portfolio of services. Our goal is to provide you with compliance solutions that merge seamlessly with any recovery audit or other special project you elect to perform. Each full-scope recovery audit we perform includes a 100% review of transactions to seek out every possible lost profit. Each area included in such an audit is automatically reviewed in terms of SOX and internal control criteria.

The fact that SOX and internal controls touch every facet of your business, our work often yields a bonus benefit: enhanced communication and work flow among departments.

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