Government regulation, increased competition, changes in the manufacturing process and a mature market in recent years are just a few of the challenges faced today by Automotive and Transport original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). In your industry, your supplier/dealer relationships are detailed and complex and the timing of your purchasing and production must be impeccable. The logistics alone of bringing together your enterprise-wide systems and processes is an immense feat. In an industry such as yours, ensuring that the correct information is properly processed at every point in the production flow is a key factor to your success.

Spectrum consulting professionals have in-depth experience working with OEMs in the automotive and transport industry, so we understand the complexity of your manufacturing process and how highly you value your supplier relationships. We can partner with you to identify real or potential discrepancies in your normal procurement and pay-on-receipt systems, ensuring that pricing rebates were received; correct units of measure were used, etc. Recovering lost profits and preventing new losses from occurring, while carefully guarding your supplier/dealer's what we're all about.

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