Current trends indicate that the global entertainment and media industry may surpass $1.7 trillion dollars in 2008. Emerging technology, consumer behavior, global competition and consolidation has necessitated fundamental changes to former business models, and has opened the way for new entrants more agile than traditional players. Numerous companies realize the challenge organic growth presents, and the huge opportunity the global market presents to those aggregating and acquiring new media brands and companies. These key drivers and anticipated growth in the industry create numerous opportunities for errors to occur in your procurement and disbursement processes. So how can you best ensure the preservation of your hard-earned profits?

Spectrum consulting professionals have extensive experience in the nuances Entertainment and Media present. Our familiarity allows us to offer a creative approach to providing solutions particular to your industry. Our transactional analysis and internal controls review of your procure-to-pay processes can detect obscure miss-payments and unearth exposure to future profit loss. For many, the ability to strengthen their financial position and compete in a global marketplace will separate the winners from the losers. Including Spectrum in your overall strategic plans can help put you in the winners' circle.

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