As a chemical producer/manufacturer, your industry is currently undergoing an historic and permanent shift which is changing the way you must conduct business. Commoditization, globalization, customer demands for lower prices while the cost of hydrocarbons and energy spikes are expected to continue, all challenge your mature market. In order to succeed, all chemical distributors and producers will need to move to more streamlined processes and better cost control. What can a recovery audit and internal controls review do to help you meet your strategic challenges?

Because you are buying large volumes of raw materials, opportunities for overpayments abound, resulting from fluctuations in the commodity pricing market, discrepancies in measurement for delivered materials, and a variety of other pricing issues. Spectrumís consulting professionals have over 20 years experience in the Chemical and Petrol-Chemical industry. Years of managing manufacturing plant operations, as well as financial and internal controls in the chemicals sector, have provided us with an intimate understanding of how your business functions, and where opportunities for profit improvement exist. We have the bandwidth to gather your data from multiple systems, and conduct a 100% review of your procurement and disbursement transactions, to provide you the maximum cost-reduction and profit recovery benefit available. Further, our in-depth review of your procure-to-pay process can identify and eliminate exposure to future profit losses, and provide you the assurance that you are functioning at an optimal level.

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