You have seen a vast change in your business model in the past 25 years. Many manufacturers once self-produced over 75% of their own product components; that has now dropped to under 30% on average. The balance has been fulfilled by strategic supplier/partners and an increase in the reliance of design partners. Almost all industry groups have experienced some degree of migration, with the manufacturing base shifting from traditional regions to emerging economies. All these changes have resulted in complicated supply and distribution chains spanning the globe, where logistical issues can make or break profit margins. Management via the Just-in-time process means your scheduling must be impeccable. You may depend upon your suppliers to hold inventory in your behalf until you are ready to receive it, complete a delivery at the last moment, or ship to a remote location. The increased reliance on shipping and receiving departments to verify the accuracy of transactions further complicate the process. It takes a great deal of focus and resource to ensure that all components of your enterprise-wide system are operating at the highest level of accuracy.

Spectrum consulting professionals have the operational and financial expertise in working with the most complex and customized manufacturing payment systems, including pay-on-receipt and three-way-match. Our in-depth review of your direct and indirect spending allows us to identify and correct payment errors experienced by almost all manufacturers. First we rectify miss- payments such as errors in taxation, unrecognized rebates, freight overcharges, unit of measurement discrepancies, and non-compliance with tiered or indexed pricing. Then we review your entire procure-to-pay process to identify weaknesses that could expose you to future profit losses. Our full collaboration with your procurement and disbursement teams ensures you a comprehensive engagement which is unobtrusive to your daily operations and sensitive to your valued supplier relationships.

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