Globally, oil, gas and energy companies are experiencing continued price volatility, stringent government regulation, significant technology advancement and discovery of new exploration areas and new markets. Companies have expanded internationally via production sharing contracts, mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances. The entire industry now faces higher spending requirements in order to comply with environmental and safety standards.

As an energy producer and distributor, you might also buy and sell blocks of energy. And while your commodity agents excel at controlling major energy purchases, there is still opportunity for payment exceptions to occur within your strategic and administrative spend.

If you are engaged in exploration and production, or refining and other downstream activities, you may have a wide variety of joint ventures and supply agreements to manage via a decentralized environment. Your procurement and disbursement transactions include complex terms and conditions such as preferred pricing, volume rebates, cost-plus arrangements and commodity prices tied to various indexes.

The consulting professionals at Spectrum understand the complexity and uniqueness of the supply chain in the oil, gas and energy industries. We have the ability to review your entire procure-to-pay process, correcting exceptions where profits have been lost and uncovering areas of weakness that may lead to future error.

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