The break-ups caused by anti-trust activities, followed by market entry of the cable and wireless companies, have re-defined business models in the communications industry. The amount of change experienced by information and communication technologies (ICTs) has surpassed that of many other industries, with the dramatic growth in ICT diffusion and specialization. Long distance, cable, wireless, and satellite services have produced new companies with intricate and independent financial processes. The vast amount of corporate restructuring combined with high merger/acquisition activity results in a very complex business environment with a high potential for procurement and disbursement errors. That is where Spectrum can help.

Our consulting professionals hold extensive experience in aiding traditional communication and ICTs maximize cost reduction and profit recovery benefits. Our years working in the communications industry means that we have the expertise to gather your procurement and disbursement data, whether it resides with legacy systems, remote locations or acquired divisions. We perform a 100% review of your transactions to correct payment errors and recover your lost profits, coupled with a thorough analysis of your procure-to-pay process to identify areas where you have further exposure.

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