Most companies, regardless of the industry, have stringent policies regarding the verification of invoices prior to payment. Unit pricing, taxability, and total invoice amounts are checked and matched against a purchase order. But what about your utility bills? Every company must pay them, but most companies today still have no method or data to verify a utility rate or bill accuracy. The deregulation of the industry combined with increasing costs and taxing of utility services, means that the careful management of utility expenses is more important that ever before. Whether the bill is for electricity, heating and cooling or simply turning on the water tap, the costs and taxing of utility services continue to climb. In today's deregulated environment, the control and proactive management of these expenses is more important than ever before.

Spectrum consulting professionals can support you in your quest to proactively manage these expenses. We can evaluate invoices, track cost trends, compare competitive rates and negotiate directly with vendors to generate refunds, obtain credits and company discounts. You can have the satisfaction that your utility costs are well managed and competitively priced.

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